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How it works?

What is it?

The Social Ammo is a platform that allows businesses to get socially driven content from local creators & brand ambassadors, in return for credits that can be redeemed for cash!
Reduce development time

How it works for businesses

Receive on demand Social media content with one click posting to your social media sites. Create briefs that can be seen either Locally or nationally with no set up costs. Only pay for what you want to use & share for a guaranteed ROI.
Works on all devices

How it works for people

Easy for everyone whether you are a seasoned designer or a casual camera phone user. This app allows you to make profits from your daily photos and blogs. Easily create and submit your social content to businesses locally and nationally in return for money & deals. Even non-for profits can thrive on The Social Ammo! Pre sign up to keep following us for a full video with more information on the functionality coming in June!
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